Well Investments Research aims to identify situations where Japan’s capital markets have overlooked opaque, suspect or confusing issues around listed Japanese firms and provide an insight into them based on clear, actionable analysis. We believe that an acceptance of poor disclosure in the country is partly built on corporate relationships and a laissez-faire trust in management. We understand that many in the sell-side research community have the smarts but not the institutional support to provide investors with entirely independent analysis. Well Investments Research is not forced to make such compromises.

We aim to deliver ideas through fundamental research and an assessment of publicly available information. We don’t only focus on quarterly earnings targets, but make the time to examine company balance sheet, cash flows, and core operations without shying away from asking difficult questions. Our goal is to publish assessments that highlight the value gap between current sentiment regarding an issuer and its objective economic condition. We show the catalysts that will cause a stock to rerate. We believe that Japan’s new focus on corporate governance creates opportunities to take a fresh look and uncover mispriced assets.

In the end, we would like the Japanese capital markets to prosper. We believe this can be achieved when companies here are regarded the world’s most open, transparent, and objective. It is our hope that our research can contribute to this in a small way.